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Sh Rehab


My name is Rehab Ibrahim.


As a child, I remember admiring the recitation of Qur’an by my teacher at school – which was beautiful and would penetrate the depths of my heart. I knew then that I wanted to recite the Qur’an like that, with the proper rules, as it is the Word of Allah. Allah blessed me with this opportunity.

I believe that the Qur’an is a guide, as it explains what is required from a believer and is important to our lives. I recite Qur’an daily and am always amazed by the verse, ‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find ease and comfort’.


Surahs ad-Duha, Yaseen and Maryam are from amongst those Surahs that I love most and that affect me most. I feel as if Allah Almighty is addressing me directly and personally. They are a reminder to me that no matter how difficult I might perceive a situation to be, Allah makes things easy, and this relieves me of my worries and anguish. Knowing that with every difficulty comes ease, a promise from Allah.

Becoming a Qur’an Teacher is a special blessing and gift from Allah. It is Allah that has chosen this path for us. In Surah ar-Rahman, Allah describes Himself as the teacher of the Qur’an (Ar-Rahman ‘allamal Qur’an), therefore teaching His Book is a great honour and responsibility.

Personal Message

My Qur’an teacher taught me the hadeeth of the Prophet, “Convey from me even if it be an ayah,” which has made me want to share with everyone that which Allah has blessed me with knowing, from the Qur’an. I pray I receive the reward of every letter that my students recite and I pray that this is a sadaqah jaariyah for me.

Tanzeel has allowed me to meet sisters from different parts of the world, to learn about different cultures and to make new friends and increase sisterhood for the pleasure of Allah. Being a part of Tanzeel has improved and changed my life, in that my entire day is spent in the worship of Allah by teaching His Book, Alhamdulillah. I strive to constantly be with the Book of Allah; if I am not reciting, then I am teaching the Qur’an, and if not, then I am revising and preparing for the next lesson.

My goal is to be able to facilitate and make easy the path of Qur’an studies for my students, and to make them fluent reciters of the Qur’an InShaaAllah. I would also like for my students to one day become teachers of the Qur’an themselves, that way benefitting the Ummah as a whole for generations to come InShaaAllah.