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Welcome to Tanzeel

Tanzeel is an exciting new program aimed at connecting you with the Qur’an. Our highly qualified teachers and innovative, interactive learning tools will InShaaAllah assist you in your Qur’an journey!

In today’s day and age, and being Muslims of the 21st century, we at Tanzeel identified that there was a major disconnect between Muslims and the Qur’an in their daily lives.

Many do not pick up the Qur’an barely even a handful of times a year, with the common notion that reading it during Ramadan will suffice, many cannot recite the Qur’an correctly and proficiently, an unfortunate trait that is passed on to their children and grandchildren, and many who do still cannot comprehend the magnanimity and beauty of that which they utter…

This is why Tanzeel came into existence. Tanzeel was established in early 2011 for the purpose of connecting Muslims worldwide with the Qur’an. Within the first year of starting up, a centre in Egypt was successfully established; and since then the Qur’an revival project has grown through the permission of Allah on the back of dedicated volunteers to an international venture that is teaching approximately 200 students spanning from the UK to Australia, South Africa to Malaysia, Canada to India and so on.

At Tanzeel, we have been successfully catering for 10 highly skilled Ijaaza qualified instructors from villages in Egypt, both male and female, providing them with the platform to spread their benefit far and wide.

Responses from students have indeed been outstanding, with a number of learners from various countries writing to us and voicing the sensational feelings that Tanzeel brings them. Spirited positivity and immense gratitude underlie each of their testimonials, many of them Eeman- energizing to read and simply heart-warming.

With the help of a marvellous team, devoted teachers, and a generous few, Tanzeel has impacted the hearts of Muslims worldwide, seeped into their daily lives, nurtured their love for the Qur’an, and most beautifully, strengthened their connection with Allah.

Now we invite you to join us on this journey!