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Are you the:

UNIVERSITY STUDENT with a tight schedule who can’t make the Qur’an lessons taking place at your local masjid?

BUSY PROFESSIONAL with a fading memory of Surahs memorised in the past and only a lunch break in which to squeeze in a class?

WORRIED PARENT living in a rural town with no qualified Qur’an teachers to teach your children?

SUPER MUM who looks after 5 children, husband and a cat – but with no female Qur’an teacher who can come to your home and teach you when your kids are alseep?

No matter who you may be, you are in need of connecting with the Qur’an. Tanzeel is a service that facilitates this journey for you.

We do so by:

• delivering interactive online Qur’an classes designed to assist students in the improvement of their Reading, Memorization and Understanding of the Qur’an;

• allowing students to select class times and days that suit their lifestyle;

• recreating as far as possible the live teacher/student learning environment, hence classes are on a 1:1 ratio between teachers and students and supported by highly interactive software tools and supplementary learning materials; and

• leveraging off the large pool of highly qualified, Ijaza certified Qur’an teachers we have access to in Egypt.

Tanzeel is here to help