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The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

(خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه)

“The best among you are those that learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Bukhari]

From this hadith, we learn that it is an established principle that the carriers of the Qur’an are the best of mankind.

When designing the curriculum, we wanted to be true to this statement of the Prophet. We desired to fulfil it from the perspective of an organization; the teachers, as well as the students of the Qur’an – yes, many of the people behind this organization are actual students of the program! We sought to design something that we would want for ourselves, our children, our families, our friends, and the rest of the Muslims. Hence, careful concern and a driving passion went into designing the curriculum in front of you.

So to prepare this, we had to ask some tough questions…

How many levels do we want? Why is it that we want ‘x’ number of levels? What technology should we use to deliver these lessons? What sort of content will our teachers be using? How do we ensure that our students receive the optimum quality of education no matter whom they study with? How do we ensure that our teachers are equipped with the knowledge, training, and means to deliver some of the best lessons taught? …and the list goes on.

In response to the myriad of questions, we developed our program to be comprehensive in nature for all parties involved, i.e. the organization, the students and the teachers. Thus, our focus and our organizational operations are aligned with it (in terms of curriculum), our teachers are trained in it (in terms of being taught relevant knowledge to teach it), and even our vision statement and motto are aligned with it.

The journey we took with our curriculum involved a brand new way of thinking – radical changes to our organization, perspective, and goals. We even created what we call ‘the anatomy of a Tanzeel class’ to ensure that all our teachers follow the same guidelines in delivering similar content to all our students. Yes, we are obsessed with quality…and we want you to be as well! Why? Because, we want to be the best of people by teaching the Qur’an but more importantly, we want you to learn the Qur’an in a conclusive manner so that you can teach others, and they can learn and teach others, and the cycle of reward goes on, and the legacy of Qur’an continues.

So, as much as this is a learning program for you, in the same breadth it is also a training program. After all, we can’t possibly teach the Qur’an to all the Muslims around the world; we need everyone to take on this mission of being ‘messengers’ of the ‘Messenger of Allah’ with the ‘message’ revealed to him from above the seven heavens! Such is the legacy of our teachers, forefathers, and most importantly the Sahabas (Companions of the Prophet). The bottom line is: we want YOU to be the BEST of humanity!

So know that the Tanzeel curriculum is designed with you – the receiver – being our primary focus at all times. We strive – to the best of our abilities – to make everything work around your needs. We aim to give you a comprehensive experience with the Qur’an in an effort to imitate the practice of ‘Umar (radi ‘Allahu ‘anh) {who would listen/memorize one ayah of the Qur’an from Rasulullah and apply it before we preceded to another}. This aathar was a driving factor in how we divided your lessons and how much content you will be taught in a lesson and in what fashion the content will be taught.