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Egypt is a land with a rich tradition in the Qur’an and so it is only natural that we have established our operations from Egypt where we have access to a large pool of highly qualified Qur’an teachers. Accordingly proficiency with the Qur’an is a given with the candidates that seek to join us on our Program. Thus when we are assessing candidates we look for people who:

Recognising that in the pursuit of ihsaan (excellence) in teaching Allah’s Book we need to be constantly improving, our teachers also undergo rigorous initial and ongoing training. The training program is comprehensive covering: English (conversation & Islam centric), Islamic studies (tafsir, balaagah, seerah etc), Qur’an teaching techniques, classroom management & cultural studies (so that they are better able to relate to their students).

We ask Allah to bless our teachers and families and to accept them from amongst the best of people as our Prophet (s) has advised.