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Our student’s come from all walks of life. They each face different challenges and have varied objectives when it comes to Qur’an. However, they all have one thing in common and that is the burning desire to establish a strong relationship with the Book of Allah.

Here are some of their stories!

The Stay At Home Mum

Meet Farah, she is a stay-at-home mother of two young children. She says that having the Qur’an classes online is the best option for her as she can study with a qualified teacher in the comfort of her own home while the children spend some time with their Dad.

The Qur’an Teacher

Meet Hamza, he is a teacher by profession and has a passion for the Qur’an. So much so that he has opened up his own Qur’an institute with the help of other like minded individuals. He uses his classes to strengthen his memorisation of the Qur’an, which in turn makes him an even more effective teacher in his own institute.

Our Respected Uncle

Meet uncle Abu Bakr, he is our oldest student, being only 80 years young. MashaAllah. TabarakAllah. As a recent migrant to Australia, he loves being able to access a Qur’an teacher online as getting out and about at his age is somewhat of a challenge. He is an inspiration to us all as he is living proof that it is never too late to study the Qur’an.

The Chef

Meet Fathima, the Chef by day and carer of sick and elderly family members by night. Her life is such that she rarely has time for herself. Her Qur’an classes are a source of respite for her and knowing that she has a teacher that will keep her accountable means that she remembers not to neglect the Qur’an despite the daily grind.

The Travelling Professional

Meet Ahmed, his line of work demands that he travels a lot. This makes it near on impossible for him to attend classes at his local masjid. The online classes, means that he can maintain continuity in his Qur’anic studies no matter where he may be in the world.

This is but a snapshot of our student base.

May Allah accept their efforts and make easy for them the path to connect with the Qur’an.