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Eligible Students

At Tanzeel, if there is someone that wants to develop a relationship with the Qur’an, we want to help them.

As Allah’s bounties are limitless, we are driven by the thought of sharing in your ajr (rewards) as you learn to read, understand and live by the greatest Book to have been revealed to mankind.

Thus, our default rule is that YOU are an eligible student!

Children need to be able to attentively take an online class and must have adequate parental supervision where this is identified as a requirement by the child’s teacher.

To adequately take a classes you will also need access to a computing device and strong internet connection.

Intake Periods

The Institute does not have any specific student intake periods. Classes are awarded to students on a first come first serve basis, subject to availability.

Prospective students are advised that places are limited and we are constantly training new teachers with a view to making them active on the Program.

Enrolment Process

To enrol register with the Institute and complete the enrolment form. During the enrolment process you will be presented with available class time slots for you to select from.

Where there are no available time slots you will be placed on a waiting list and notified as and when slots become available.

Fee Structure

The cost per class is US$5.

If you are not able to afford the fees either in whole or in part you may apply for a scholarship and we will advise you if a scholarship can be made available to you.

Policies & Procedures

Student’s are required to accept and act in accordance the Institute’s Policies & Procedures.